Caravan World Rhythms

AZAE LO! Adanu Habobo & Rhythm’n’Roots

  • Date:

    Friday, March 11

  • Time:

    Doors & Food: 7pm / Show: 8pm

  • Venue:

    St. James Hall, 3215 West 10th Ave.

  • Tickets:

    Advance $20 general, $15 students, $10 children 12 and under.  Door prices $5 more.

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Adanu Habobo and Rhythm ‘n’ Roots team up to bring you a night of traditional music and dance that is not often seen in Vancouver, focusing on the rich vocal traditions found among the Ewe of Ghana. Rarely heard songs will be sung by a 20+member chorus in conjunction with the drums and social dances of Adanu Habobo, Vancouver’s finest Ghanaian drum and dance ensemble. The deeper meaning of these songs will be explained by Dr. Kofi Gbolonyo (co-director of Adanu Habobo) and at times you will be encouraged to learn to sing and dance yourself! Rhythm ‘n’ Roots, a 60+ member local choir, will sing some of their own repertoire accompanied by members of Adanu Habobo. In total, an extravaganza of sight and sound featuring almost 70 performers!
But let us not forget our other senses….Taste of Africa Restaurant will be serving up delicious Ghanaian food during the evening as well, to satisfy your culinary desires.

Adanu Habobo was formed in 2012 by Dr. Kofi Gbolonyo and Curtis Andrews who share a common love and passion for the culture of Ghana, especially that of the Ewe and related peoples of Togo and Benin.  Together, they laid the foundation for Adanu and lead the group together in teaching their repertoire of Ghanaian cultural dances to members of the ensemble.Adanu Habobo itself is made up of a wide variety of people from various backgrounds who also share a love for learning and performing African music and dance.
The word “adanu” refers to the Ewe concept “artistic wisdom” to put it briefly. “Habobo” refers to an association of members, usually that of music/dance.

Rhythm N Roots, led by Karla Mundy, is a joyful, adventurous and soulful choir fearlessly singing powerful songs drawn from many diverse vocal traditions of the world. Rhythm N Roots is for singers who want to move, groove, learn, grow and embody beautiful and inspiring songs and rhythms from around the world -oh yes, and have alot of fun doing it and be part of a delightful singing community!

Taste of Africa Restaurant will be serving up delicious Ghanaian food during the evening as well, to satisfy your culinary desires.
The menu:
1.    Jerk honey chicken served with jollof rice (Rice cooked with spicy tomato sauce)
2.    Jerk honey chicken served with rice and beans
3.    Beef khebabs served with rice and beans
4.    Beef khebabs served with jollof rice
5.    (Vegetarian option)Fried plantain and Beans stew (Red Red)
Each is $10 only and comes with coleslaw salad

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