Caravan World Rhythms


  • Date:

    Thursday, July 12

  • Time:


  • Venue:

    Revue Stage, Granville Island
    (Across from Arts Club Theatre)

  • Tickets:

    Tickets $20 Advance / $25 door.

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Transcending language barriers, Ottoman music was born out of vast empires as musicians from Baghdad, Cairo, Andalusia and beyond, traveled from court to court.  Inspired by these multi-layered influences, Ensemble Zaman, revives a rare repertoire of  the Levant region, covering dialects from classical Turkish Sanat Musigi, to classical Arabic chants, the Muwashahat.

Zaman’s group leader is Montreal-based Lebanese singer and oud player Lamia Yared.  She performs classical Arabic songs, the Muwashahat. Her musical journey embraces influences of  Sephardic songs,  Greek  traditional music of Asia Minor,  as well as Ottoman classical music.  Lamia is accompanied by master musicians from Syria and Turkey, including
Oud player: Nazih Borish, Qanun player :Didem Başar, Percussions: Nathaniel Huard.

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Youtube Video