Caravan World Rhythms

Vashaan Ensemble – Songs of Joy

  • Date:

    Saturday, June 15

  • Time:


  • Venue:

    York Theatre, 639 Commercial Dr.

  • Tickets:

    $25 – $45 (inclusive of $5 service charges). Available online, or in person at Cultch Box Office, or call 604-251-1363.

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Co-Presented with Vashaan Music Society, Vashaan Ensemble will present an eveningĀ of festive and joyful music from Iran and neighbouring regions. Featured in this performance is the lovely voice of Fathieh Honari who will sing music from her native Baluchistan, as well as Persian music based on the works of great poets such as Rumi and Omar Khayyam.

The Vashaan Ensemble aims to show the true diversity of Iranian culture and music. We welcome people from all backgrounds to enjoy the Universal themes of Love, Happiness and Rhythm which are presented in this evening of music.

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