Caravan World Rhythms

ZHAMBAI DUO – Zimbabwean Lunchtime Concert

  • Date:

    Thursday, Sept. 9

  • Time:


  • Venue:

    Lot 19 Square
    Hastings & Hornby, Vancouver

  • Tickets:

    Free. Donations Appreciated; click Paypal link

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Zhambai performs the polyrhythmic, hypnotic and deep traditional music of the Shona
people of Zimbabwe using the ancient mbira (thumb piano). This magical instrument
has been used for spiritual means in Zimbabwe for centuries. The sound is reminiscent
of water dropping, spirits talking, ancestors singing and blood pumping. Kurai Mubaiwa
is one of Canada’s leading experts on the mbira and in addition to mastering the
traditional repertoire, he also composes his own contemporary music for the mbira. In
Curtis Andrews he has found an able and willing ally. As a duo, these multi-faceted
musicians bring a message of joy and healing to themselves and the audience alike.