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Not only is this unethical signs symptoms asthma 2 year old purchase 10mg singulair fast delivery, you will very likely be found legally liable for this in the future asthma treatment guidelines aafp buy singulair 5mg with amex. Please remove anything you have that contains unhealthy ingredients ftom your marketing and sales asthma symptoms explained buy singulair cheap online. A mistaken sense of vanity compels women to buy these products even though they are harmful to users. Allowing toxic & illegal products to be sold is a violation of that trust & a cheap way to dodge responsibility. Please make decisions that positively impact the environment Selling harmful products just to make a few more dollars put you in the same league with trump. We are in a time where our own Government agencies set up to protect us have been compromised. Please, help to bridge this failure of Government by using the information available and protecting the public. We have trusted and supported you with our business, please do not let us down in this period of Government crisis!!! There are products available that do not harm people and the relative profit you make from these potentially dangerous ones does not justify betraying a standard of quality your customers will respect and appreciate. There are several things about your business practices that I hate, such as selling books that are not always accurately reproduced, but selling toxic skin care products is the worst!! To protect the integrity of yourselves and those businesses, you need to not support illegal businesses. There is a reason why it is illegal, just like drugs are illegal, do you think those are safe Take responsibility for the safety of products sold on your marketplace or loose your profits to the lawyers you need to hire to defend you in the product liability lawsuits. I would encourage you to be proactive and concerned for the safety of your customers. Both your companies have a great burden of responsibility to the public that supports you! These creams teach people to value lighter skin over darker skin and it is truly horrendous to see kids learn colorism from products like these. Aside from that, another horror is that these mercury laden products will disproportionately put people of color at risk for harm. I am also very upset with Amazons nasty & I think possiable illegally underpricing of merchandise to drive out other companies. Mercury-based skin cream are among the most hazardous products available for sale on line. I find it very unnerving that you would even consider selling these and promoting them at the expense of thousands of people in this country and elsewhere. Please show serious concern about the danger and health problems your actions will take for the many persons who use them. Ausel Given the size and power of your companies, you should lead by setting an example of what is right. Customers deserve protection and companies must be held to moral and ethical standards. Prejudice lives, obviously, but using toxic chemicals to make a skin change is unacceptable. The fact that these products are harmful to health as well as illegal only add to the outrage. People need to accept the way god and nature made them, including their skin coloring. These products are bogus ways of fleecing (mostly women I suspect) from emptying their pocketbooks stupidly. You guys can help make the world a better place by not selling products that hurt people. Please do a better job vetting the products that you allow to be sold on your platforms. My daughter-in laws mother used one of the product offered on Amazon and destroyed her face, which is now pitted and scarred. Now that I know I want to add my name to those asking you to stop selling such products. These are toxic, cancer producing substances which have no place online where youth can buy them. It is outrageous to think that these large entities permit these types of products. Stop selling these harmful products and spare people from more toxicity in their lives. I am a customer of both businesses and would like to see them respond positively to this campaign. I suspect your marketing adds to the longing of some people of color to look more like a white person. I suppose that would be acceptable if your products were legal and not toxic, but to profit from products that are poisonous and illegal is profoundly unethical and essentially a crime. Do not allow toxic products on your sites without disclosure to consumer that they could be harmful. Consumers blindly trust that the products they see for sale are safe when used as promoted. Please protect people and water by removing these misleading, antiquated and toxic products from your site. Mercury-based skin creams are among the most hazardous products available for sale online. So taking these precautions in Europe but not in other places seems lazy at best and sinister at worst. The whole idea of skin-lightening products is problematic; surely your multi-billion dollar companies can do without this line of business. You who are in charge of the largest sales platforms ever can certainly afford to enforce safety standards for the merchandise you profit from. Hard to swallow that a company with the profits you enjoy would allow harmful products to the public. Mercury makes people irritible, makes them unable to learn, and is otherwise dangerous to the nervous system. As a chemist whose area of interest is inorganic chemistry and the chemistry of non-metals and metalloids, I am quite aware of mercury componds Safe practice mandates no mercury compounds for cosmetic and trivial uses on or in the human body. Furthermore, excess use of such compounds ends up in public waters, further endangering human and aquatic animal health If you think mercury is harmless - add it to your food. Only sell safe personal care products Stop the evil sales of horrible Mercury products. As fellow human beings - you have to be asked / told to stop selling products containing poisons / toxins Vicki Quarles Now that you know of this issue, your prompt removal is needed immediately!

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Lafayette received the letter from Greene formally assigning him commander of military operations in Virginia asthma treatment 3 year old generic singulair 4mg overnight delivery. On this same date acute asthmatic bronchitis icd 9 code purchase singulair uk, he took up a position between the Pamunkey and Chickahominy Rivers asthmatic bronchitis sound order cheap singulair, thereby being better situated to safeguard Richmond and the surrounding area. This day were executed three more of our deserters, who were taken in the late fort [Granby]. Lee was able to hurry his movement by having his cavalrymen walk, and then mounting the infantry, then vice versa, etc. His force at this time numbered less than 2,800 (including militia) and less than 100 regular cavalry. This day were executed three more of our deserters, who were taken in the late fort. On the 20th he wrote that most of his militia have gone home for a few days, but when they returned he expected to be stronger than ever. On the 19th, a detachment of 200 from his army left there and arrived at Dorchester the next day (the 20th. Loyalist activity was up between the Pee Dee and Waccamaw rivers, and Marion believed that taking Georgetown would quiet them. His strength is estimated to have been about 1,000-1,200 rank and file Continental light infantry, plus 2 brigades of Virginia militia under Brig. And after your arrival at Wilmington I flattered myself that, if any change of circumstances should make it necessary, you could always have been able to march to the Walkamaw [Waccamaw], where I imagined vessels might have passed you over to George-town. I cannot therefore conceal from your Lordship the apprehensions I felt on reading your letter to me of the 24th ult. These I make no doubt your Lordship has already sent to Lord Rawdon, and that every necessary measure for this purpose will be taken by your Lordship in consequence of them, should he remain in the command. But as there are many officers in the regiments coming out who are older than Lord Rawdon, I have to lament the probability of his being superseded in it, as I can scarce flatter myself that any of them will be possessed of the knowledge requisite for conducting operations in Carolina without having ever served in that country, or be so competent to the command there as officers of more local experience. Your Lordship will have been informed of my ideas respecting operations to the northward of the Carolinas, by my instructions to the different General officers detached to the Chesapeak[e]; and the substance of some conversations with General Phillips on that subject, which I committed to writing and sent to him with my last dispatch, with directions to communicate it to your Lordship. With respect to the first, your Lordship must be the sole judge; with respect to the last, you have my opinions, which may however probably give way to yours, should they differ from them, as they will have the advantage of being formed on the spot, and upon circumstances, which at this distance I cannot of course judge of: I shall therefore leave them totally to your Lordship to decide upon, until you either hear from me or we meet. Continentals, wrote Greene from Salisbury that about 300 tories have embodied on the Deep River and "done some damage," and had obliged certain local whigs to flee to Salisbury for protection. By June 13, however, Armstrong wrote Sumner saying that "The tories in the Country is all surrendered their selves and glad of the opportunity. Greene, at "Camp on the East side of the Saluda," wrote to Pickens: "We are on our march for NinetySix and shall be within ten miles of that place tonight. Balfour wrote Cornwallis that he had ordered 150 men to a fortified church in Dorchester. These, it would appear, were sent there to replace the garrison which apparently had been attached or mostly attached to McArthur (see 30 April. Along the way, some of his light troops skirmished with some loyalists as described by Kirkwood and Seymour below. Young; Coming up to the place found it evacuated, the Horse left me, with expectation to Come up with them, when I moved on at Leisure. The Tories taking us for some of them selves come out of a Swamp in our rear; & being undeceived took one of my men prisoners [sic]; upon which A firing Commenced, but they being on horse back pushed off with the Loss of one man Killed & one Horse taken, A Short time Afterwards the Horse joined me, and before Dark killed 4 more taking 6 Prisoners; Marched this day. Dreadnought, was the fortified plantation house of George Galphin, a veteran Indian trader. It was situated about twelve miles down river from Augusta on the northern bank of the Savannah. Then on the morning of the 21st of May (which Lee describes as being "sultry beyond measure"), Clark was joined by Pickens with Maj. Also according to Lee, British were tricked out of their fort into an ambush; which then allowed the Americans to enter the fort. Not counting the Blacks, 126 were made prisoners, about 70 of them Provincial regulars. Both Lee and Pickens requested Greene to use some of the stores taken at Fort Dreadnought for the benefit of the militia serving with them; which request Greene granted. Lee, incidentally, later asserted the prizes taken were not all that considerable in quantity. We went in pursuit of them, and attacked them about opposite the place of the late Stephen Smith, of Savannah River, but they got on the Georgia side, and we could do nothing with them. From this we marched to Augusta, where we met Generals Pickens and [Benjamin] Twiggs, and commenced the work of extermination. The first attack that we made was on the fort at Silver Bluff, now the property of Governor Hammond, of South Carolina. The British not being willing to yield without a struggle, we stove a cannon ball through the brick house in the fort, and they immediately marched out and surrendered, for fear we would serve them the like trick. Some of their men having arrived in advance on the 21st, Pickens and Lee3024 united the full body of their forces with the Georgians under Col. Augusta was made up of two forts within a half mile of each other, a smaller one at Fort Grierson, and the main defenses at Fort Cornwallis (see Fort Grierson, 24 May. The ground around Augusta was fairly flat and level, so there was no terrain overlooking the town, though there were some houses situated not far outside Cornwallis. In making their approaches to Fort Cornwallis, the Americans dug trenches, and later used a Maham tower. Erected on the night of 30-31 May, the structure was thirty feet high, constructed of logs and filled with dirt and rocks. In the case of one of the towers, subterfuge, in the form of a British soldier masquerading as a deserter from Brown, was attempted also. At one point in the siege, Brown also had set explosives in a nearby house used by Rebel marksmen, hoping to catch them there. Compared to earlier sieges of the British outposts, Augusta was especially long and trying, and involved ongoing shelling, and sniping between the besiegers and the garrison. By the 5th, after some exchanges in correspondence between both sides, he decided he could no longer hold out against the artillery and riflemen mounted in the towers. Despite what had been vigorous and valiant defense on the part of himself and his provincials, Brown was then compelled to surrender the fort to Pickens and Lee: to the former as ranking American officer, and the latter as representing the Continental Army. British casualties, based on immediate after siege reports were 52 killed, and 334 captured, i. The loss of the British was fifty-two killed; and three hundred and thirty-four, including the wounded, were made prisoners of war. Based on his strength shortly after the siege, Pickens probably had from 200 to 400. No mention is made of the Creek Indians who were present in April, but who apparently were able to escape homeward some weeks before the surrender.

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Agriculture and food production in the RussianBelarusian borderland - in response to asthmatic bronchitis 5 weeks buy discount singulair 10mg online current economic and political challenges asthma symptoms 4 months buy cheap singulair 5 mg online. Olubunmi Alugbin* asthmatic bronchitis fever order singulair in india, Lagos,Nigeria, Approaches And Challenges To Gender Inequalities And Urban. Talal Yousuf Al-Awadhi*, Sultan Qaboos Univesity, the Impacts of Globalization in Land use change: Case from Sohar, Oman. Lei Kang*; Li Ma; Yi Liu, Study on the driving forces and mode of land use change in the urban agglomeration area Julia Loginova*, the University of Melbourne, of oil extraction impacts in the Komi Republic, Russia. Rachel Colls*, Durham University; Bethan Evans, Dr, University of Liverpool, A Slow Death Wood, PhD Candidate*, San Diego State University, Slow Violence and Health: Understanding Diego. Naya Armendarez Jones, PhD*, Food for Black Thought, Dying to Eat: An Homage to Black Life. Marc Michael Seebacher*, University of Graz, Valuations @ home: valuation practices, the housing market and home ownership. Marshall, Southern Illinois University; Stine Hansen, McMaster University; Joe Tokosh; Emily Kaufman, University of Kentucky; Phillipa E. Eckmann, University of Portland, Optimizing Photovoltaic Positioning and Ratios of Solar to Vegetated Roof. Cerda*, University of Portland; Ted C Eckmann, University of Portland, Monitoring Micrometeorological Conditions Inside of Buildings to. Maegen Rochner*, University of Tennessee Knoxville; Henri D Grissino-Mayer, PhD, University of Tennessee Knoxville, Investigation of Climate-Growth Relationships in High-Elevation Whitebark Pine, Beartooth Mountains, Wyoming, U. Johnston*, Smithsonian Institution, Observing Historic Tree Growth, Loss, and Replacement in Urban Residential Zones. Adam Berland*, Ball State University; Ben Lockwood, City of Indianapolis, Increased street tree density and diversity over 13 years in central Indianapolis. Hastie, University of Portland; Ted C Eckmann, University of Portland, Performance in Temperate Rainforest Climates. Frazier*, Georgetown University, Sea-Level Rise & Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Failure in Coastal Communities. Paula Jones*, Texas State University, Leveraging property condition data to predict and map neighborhood change. Camilo Rey*, University of Kentucky, Urban spatial segregation of population displaced by war: A. Eun Jin Shin*, University of Southern California, Polycentric Urban Structure And Disparities In Access the Los Angeles Region. Rain*, the George Washington University; Thomas Elms, the George Washington University. Yu Lan*, University of North Carolina, Charlotte; Wenwu Tang, University of North Carolina, Charlotte; Eric Delmelle, University of North Carolina, Charlotte; Claudio Owusu, University of North Carolina, Charlotte, Fusion of multiple Web-based geocoding services for improved address matching. Abeer Hamdan, PhD*, Phoenix College, Examining heavy metal contamination in soils within recreational. Tingting Zhao*, Florida State University; Jinfeng Zhang, Florida State University, Health Disparities in Breast Cancer: Socioeconomics and Lifestyle Drivers for Asian and Hispanic Americans. Kenji Yamazaki*, Iwate University, Process of forming the disaster culture - Propagation and formation of a. Tomoko Yamazaki*, Iwate University, School and Disaster Culture in Sanriku Coast, Japan. Lynn Usery*, United States Geological Survey, A Map as a Semantic Web Knowledge Base. Michael Cameron Crow*, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Ranjeet Devarakonda, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Alexandre Sorokine, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Anthony King, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Benjamin Preston, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Mercury: Urban Information Systems Metadata Search. Yingjie Hu*, University of Tennessee Knoxville, Discovering and Quantifying Semantic Relatedness. Kaplan*, Kent State University, Immigration Exploring the Social Impact of Immigrant Ethnic Economies. Matthew Kearnes*, University of New South Wales, Going to Ground - Tales from the Carbon Frontier. Erik Kojola*, University of Minnesota, Contested Metals: Mining Controversies in Minnesota. Gonick*, New York University, Subprime Fictions: Violence, Suburbs, and the Mystery of Masculinity. Cecilia Mancuso*, Harvard University, "Aboriginal" Cultural Ecology of the Science-Fictional City. Yiwen Shao*, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Analyzing for Urban Resilience in the Content of Post-Earthquake Reconstruction Plans: the Case of Wenchuan County, China. Yuan Zhang*, Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Qiangzi Li, Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Wei Wu, Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences, using Multi-source Big Data. Student*, Department of Geography, McGill University, Montreal, Canada; Ping Li, PhD. Associate Professor, Grassland Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Hohhot, China; Brian E Robinson, PhD. DeBoom*, University of Colorado at Boulder, Extracting South-South Solidarity: How Chinese. Barnes, University Of British Columbia; Allan Douglas Cochrane, Open University; Rogerio Haesbaert, Fluminense Federal University; Flavia Martinelli, Dipt. Rosemary-Claire Collard*, Concordia University, Disaster capitalism and the quick, quick, slow unraveling of animal life. Justin Daniel McBrien*, University of Virginia, Sixth Extinction, and Accumulation by Extermination in Everyday life. Ashley Dawson*, the Graduate Center, City University of New York, Extinction in the Capitalocene. Yukang Sun*, the Spatial Coupling relationship between innovation and production of the manufacturing enterprises in Beijing: a Analysis based on the Life Cycle theory. Harden, University of Tennessee Panelists:, Clark University;, New Jersey Institute of Technology; William D. National Academies of Science exists to provide highrecommendations to society and to government at all levels, i. The Committee organizations and can also initiate workshops or studies to address important contemporary problems by analyzing and synthesizing existing knowledge. Keith Bosak*, the University of Montana; Sarah Halvorson, the University of Montana, Impacts of Climate Change and socio-economic change on indigenous people in the Indian Himalaya.

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Sterling Quinn* asthma treatment no inhaler generic singulair 10mg with amex, Central Washington University; Doran Tucker asthma 5 year old discount singulair uk, the Pennsylvania State University asthma update singulair 4mg visa, maps. Ike Sari Astuti*, University of Georgia; Deepak R Mishra, Dr, University of Georgia; Bagus Setiabudi Wiwoho, State University of Malang; Abdullah Arif Kurnia, State University of Malang, Change, Drivers and Implications on Watershed Functions and Water Resources; A Case Study on Upper Brantas - Konto Watersheds, East Java, Indonesia. Marcela Cely Santos*, University of California - Santa Cruz, Cross-Pollinating Agriculture, Ecosystems and Food: A Political Ecology of Farmers/Bee Relationships in Anolaima, Colombia. Su Guandong*, Hiroshima University, Spatial Mapping and Analysis of Farmland Abandonment and Its Japan. University of Minas Gerais; Sandro Laudares, of Minas Gerais; Marianna Petrovna Ekel, Support Fund for Research of Minas Gerais, Spatial Analysis 1116. Khaled Alawadi*, Assitant Professor, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, Engineering Systems and Managment, Transformation: Mapping Typological. Yazidhi Bamutaze*, Makerere University; Yazidhi Bamutaze, Department of Geography, Geo-Informatics and Climatic Sciences, Makerere University, Hillslope Rainfall Induced Soil Erosion: Understanding Magnitude, Extremes and Uncertainties on Cultivated Fields in the Lake Victoria Basin. D*, University of Oklahoma Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability; Emad Hassa Abdou, Ph. Sil Lanckriet*, Ghent University; Priya Rangan, School of Australia, Cattle populations and pastoral migrations Ethiopian highlands. Yimin Chen*, Guangdong Key Laboratory for Urbanization and Geo-simulation, School of Geography and Planning, Sun Yat-sen University; Xia Li, Guangdong Key Laboratory for Urbanization and Geo-simulation, School of Geography and Planning, Sun Yat-sen University; Xiaoping Liu, Guangdong Key Laboratory for Urbanization and Geo-simulation, School of Geography and Planning, Sun Yat-sen University, Estimating housing rent by using online rental listings and ensemble learning. Zachary Nowak*, Harvard University, Where Trains Stop: Promiscuous Stations, Shadow Stations. Solange Isabel Munoz, PhD*, University of Tennessee, Urban precarity as routine forced mobility: Keeping poor urban migrants on the move. Jessica Fayne*, University of South Carolina; Venkat Lakshmi, University of South Carolina; John M Simmons, AtlaSlab, Decreased Freshwater Storage Leading to the Intrusion of Saltwater and Organic Compounds. Cui Yuan*, Remote sensing and digital earth of chinese academy of sciences, estimated from Jason-2 radar altimetry. Shiyao Li*, China University of Geosciences, Landscape change detection in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area using multi-source remote sensing data. Hongyu Du*, East China Normal University; Yuanyuan Wang, East China Normal University; Yongli Cai, East China Normal University, Research the Temporal Pattern of Urban Heat Island in Shanghai, China: Using Time-series Landsat Data. Ke Yang*, China Uinversity of Geosciences(Wuhan), Analysis of evolution and driving force of Wuhan urban lakes from 1973 to 2016. Avril Maddrell*, University of Reading, Send a postcard, share a photo, count the clicks: an evaluation of varied mobile methods in pilgrimage research. Tse, PhD*, Northwestern University, Protesting the Global Day of Prayer: contested charismatic geographies in Hong Kong. Stephanie Lawrence, PhD*, Independent, the Discovery of All-Encompassing Six Dimensions while Testing Guttman Scale Validity and Reliability while Scaling Businesses as Urban Cultural Icons. Moore*, Northern Illinois University; Ryan James, PhD, Northern Illinois University; Xuwei Chen, PhD, Northern Illinois University, Economic Base Changes in Counties Impacted by Military Base Closures. Jamaal Green*, Portland State University, Wage Theft and Labor Market Segmentation. Jenni Partanen*, Tampere University of Technology, Outlining territory for Fenno-Scaling: possibilities and limitations to using rank size rules for the Finnish system of cities. Jaana Vanhatalo*, Tampere University of Technology, Urbanization rates - truly a mirror of reality. Ramisch*, University of Ottawa, "Is this a bad communication of climate information in Kenya. Meredith Emilene Fowler*, California State University Long Beach, the Renaissance of the Arctic: Saami. Maarten Hajer*, Utrecht University; Suzanne Potjer, Utrecht University, Smart cities, global networks. Allen*, University of Kansas, Allotting the Omaha Reservation: Patterns and Impacts 1884-1940. Sarah Elizabeth Nelson*, University of Toronto, Indigenous Rights and Urban Indigenous Health Services. Kaufman*, University of Toronto, Mobilities of the Expelled: Canadian homeless migrations. Genevieve Reid*, McGill University; Renee Sieber, McGill University, Predominance of Relationships in Indigenous Geospatial and Temporal Ontologies: the Case of Eastern Cree Concepts. Lucia Lo, Professor*, York University, Canadian Immigration Policies and International Student Mobility. Jasmine Trang Ha*, University of Minnesota, Globally Competitive, Locally Contradictory: Determinants of International Students Enrollments in the United States. Leung*, Utrecht University; Peter Schumacher, Utrecht University, Zambian student mobility to China and back: knowledge acquisition and creation. Viola Von Berlepsch*, London School of Economics, the missing ingredient: Distance. Internal migration and its long term impact on economic development in the United States. Markku Sotarauta*, University of Tampere; Nina Suvinen, University of Tampere, Institutional Agency and Path Creation: How Institutional Entrepreneurs and based Industry. Rune Dahl Fitjar*, University of Stavanger; Bram Timmermans, Norwegian School of Economics. Lynn Usery, United States Geological Survey; Tao Cheng, University College London; Seth E. Dillon Mahmoudi, Portland State University; Amy Lubitow*, Portland State University, Barriers to Urban Mobility: An Engaged Methods for Vulnerable Populations. Siqi Song, National University of Singapore; Chen-Chieh Feng, National University of Singapore; Mi Diao*, National University of Singapore, the effect of transport pricing and supply on car usage: A pseudo panel approach. Seth Appiah-Opoku*, University Of Alabama; Caroline Day Glass, University of Alabama; Joseph Weber, University of Alabama, Bikeshare Program and Transit-Oriented Development in Birmingham, Alabama: A Case Study. Grote*, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management; Matthew Zook, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Geographical limits to arbitrage in the global oil market. Marshall Feldman, PhD*, University Of Rhode Island, Ground Rent in the Circuit of Capital: Time, space, and macroeconomic geography. Walsey*, University of Kansas, Knowledge Lost in Regulation: How Changing Policy Regimes on Ecological Knowledge of Fishers and Future Generations. Kristen Lowitt*; Charles Levkoe, Lakehead University; Connie Nelson, Lakehead University; Gordon Hickey, McGill University, Exploring opportunities for indigenous communities on Lake Superior. Saul David Milne, PhD Candidate*, University of Victoria, Surfacing Embedded Epistemological and Ontological Presuppositions in Representations of Indigenous Knowledge Systems.

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Please stop adding to asthmatic bronchitis contagious person to person 5mg singulair with amex the already unnecessary bombardment of detrimental products on the market and be a leader in the industry that takes a stand to asthma juicing generic 10 mg singulair overnight delivery protect its people asthma definition gina cheap singulair 5 mg free shipping. There is money to be made where safety and caring about the public will better serve the world. Please remove these skin lightening products with mercury and ensure that there are safeguards against suppliers selling these on your site again. Haley Ballard I refuse to buy from you until there are stronger consumer safeguards. It makes me very suspicious of purchasing any of your products if you are so careless in protecting your customers well being. In a world where you hold so much power, please do your part in making a positive change which will reflect on billions of people. Many skin-lightening products containing mercury at extremely high levels, are currently being sold on your platforms. Prosperity is a long-range goal, and the business sector needs to think long term, and that means not harming the American public, not damaging the planet, but waking up to health and safety concerns and acting forcefully to protect those concerns. We want to admire the beauty of all natural skin color and hope that companies will focus on healthy skin products and not be racist and harmful at the same time. As an Amazon customer & shareholder, I want products sold there to be safe, especially for those who may not be the most sophisticated buyers. As a physician, public health advocate, teacher and female, I can find no ethical or necessary reason to justify continuing your policies of poisoning your customers. It is so hard to accept that these companies still wish to continue this abusive idea of lighter is better and that it is okay to poison people of color. As business that lead and set trends in the marketplace, Amazon and Ebay can take the lead in this arena and do the right thing. Please follow through on these requests to remove these mercury-based skin creams and safeguard your customers. Our recycling center has special days for collecting Toxic hazardous products containing mercury. Being an Amazon customer, I ask with all my heart that you will do the right thing. Sadly, colorism remains pervasive in this country, leading many women of color to buy skin-lightening products on Amazon and eBay. In so doing, they unwittingly exposing themselves to toxic substances such as mercury, sometimes at thousands of times the legal limit. I am amazed to hear this is happening, and shocked that Amazon would promote such a product. Two giants in the world of commerce need to take this giant action step to keep faith with consumers. People and companies should just stop doing "stupid stuff" and just concentrate on acting responsibly, properly, and humanely! People should not be exposed to products that will damage them when there are options! Being profitable for you is not sufficient reason to push illegal and dangerous products. Please be first in your industry to boycott the selling / shipment of dangerous mercury based skin creamers and other products with harmful ingredients. How much more money can businesses make in the name of total lack of consideration of health and safety Mercury is so dangerous, to everyone and including especially young people whose brains are still growing and can be adversely affected. As a female family physician and public health advocate, I strongly support this petition. Businesses such as yours need to take the lead on matters such as these - do the right thing. Increasingly, in this time of mass communication: do the right thing- gain more business. Please take action and use the power you have to do the right thing by stopping very wrong things such as these toxic products. I heard that other dangerous products remain on your website, even after you yourself have taken them down. By selling such products are you telling consumers they should want to change their skin color As both an Amazon and eBay customer, I am not unsure of the safety of the full range of products I pay on both sides. If there are products containing mercury for sale then are the products I purchase "contaminated" with poisons as well I have stopped purchasing all skin and hair care products from you because of experiences I have had when it was obvious I received a counterfeit product. For the good of your customers (and your business) I urge you to completely vet all of your suppliers. Please remove this cream, it is harming people, we love women and girls of all Cultures! Your decision to discontinue these sales is not only the right thing to do but sends a profound message about race, color, caste, and class. Please stop encouraging pale faced earthlings to denigrate our beautiful colored skinned human planet mates. Even if the company uses "proprietary blend" as a way of not disclosing all the ingredients, you can still ask if mercury is a component in order to assess the safety of the product for the consumers. How is promoting these products any different than the crimes cigarette manufacturers perpetrated The fact that you pander these poisonous creams on your websites dismays and disgusts me. As a person of faith who values all the diversity of humanity, I am concerned that your company sells toxic mercury-based skin lightening products. Furthermore, selling skin lightening products tacitly endorses the racist idea that white people are better than those whose skin is another color. Please act in the best interests of your customers and remove these harmful skin lightening products from your marketplace. It is becoming overwhelmingly disgusting to me the lack of concern and respect for others versus making a dollar. Please recognize that the profit you make on these products is not worth the hazard they present to consumers health. Please take steps to stop these toxic-both physically and psychologically-products. Please stop perpetrating this false standard of beauty laden in systematic racism. Try and understand your consumers at the most fundamental level and your corporate will be not only profitable, but legendary in setting a new precedent for capitalism.

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Rowan asthma symptoms gina order generic singulair line, Of Mice asthmatic bronchitis in pregnancy singulair 10 mg without a prescription, Models hyperinflation asthma definition order singulair 4mg on line, and Men: A Critical Evaluation of Animal Research (Albany: State University of New York Press, 1983), 323; W. Shanks, Brute Science: Dilemmas of Animal Experimentation (London: Routledge, 1996), 286. Quimby, "Animal Models in Biomedical Research," in Laboratory Animal Medicine, eds J. Wang, "Blunting Half of the Double-Edged Sword: Potential Use of Interleukin-10 to Protect Bone MarrowDerived Cells after Myocardial Infarction," Circulation Research, 109, no. Some progress has already been made: the number of animals used for research is about half what it was in the 1970s, and biomedical research has reached the point where we can reasonably begin to envision a time when it could advance without causing harm to animals. With some effort and aggressive development of new biomedical research technologies, full replacement of animals in harmful research is within our grasp. The goal will not be reached all at once, however, and phasing out invasive research on all nonhuman primates should be the priority. Approximately 70,000 nonhuman primates are used for research in the United States each year, according to the U. They include macaques, baboons, marmosets, and other monkeys, as well as some chimpanzees. The rise is driven in part by the "high-fidelity" notion (supported by very little careful scientific justification) that primates are likely to be better models than mice and rats for studying human diseases, and partly by the sheer availability of primates. Rowan, "The Case for Phasing Out Experiments on Primates," Animal Research Ethics: Evolving Views and Practices, Hastings Center Report Special Report 42, no. First, in the 1950s, hundreds of thousands of wild primates were captured and imported to support the race to develop a poliomyelitis vaccine. By 1960, with polio vaccines in use, this "race" was essentially over, but laboratories still had tens of thousands of primates. The Russians had beaten the United States into space by launching the first satellite, creating panic that Russian science was outpacing U. American scientists made the argument that, because the Russians had a big primate research center, the United States should also have one or more primate centers. Seven facilities, formally recognized as government-supported institutions, were set up to provide support for and opportunities to do research in nonhuman primates. Three federal assessments found that the research conducted by the centers fell far short of expectations in terms of quality, and many deficiencies were also noted. Studies demonstrate that they have mathematical, memory, and problem-solving skills and that they experience emotions similar to those of humans-for example, depression, anxiety, and joy. Primates also have very long lifespans, which is an ethical issue because they are typically held in laboratories for decades and experimented on repeatedly. Each year, thousands are captured from the wild, mostly in Asia and Mauritius, and transported to other countries. For example, China sets up breeding colonies, and the infants are sold to various countries, including the United States and European countries. The animals experience considerable stress, such as days of transport in small crates and restrictions on food and water intake. Studies show that it takes months for their physiological systems to return to baseline levels,5 and then they face the trauma of research, including infection with virulent diseases, social isolation, food and water deprivation, withdrawal from drugs, and repeated surgeries. Providing for the welfare of primates in a laboratory setting is very challenging. According to the Animal Welfare Act, each facility must develop and follow a plan for environmental enhancement to promote the psychological wellbeing of nonhuman primates. The plan must address social grouping; enriching the environment, with special consideration for great apes; caring for infants, young juveniles, and those primates showing signs of psychological distress; and ensuring the well-being of those primates who are used in a protocol requiring restricted activity. Social companionship is the most important psychological factor for most primates. Federal law requires institutions to house primates in groups unless there is justification, such as debilitation as a result of age or other conditions, for housing them alone. But a recent analysis of documents from two large facilities obtained by the Humane Society of the United States demonstrates that primates spent an average of 53 percent of their lives housed alone. In many instances, a metal shape hung for a month on the bars of a metal cage was deemed to constitute adequate "enrichment. A group chaired by Sir Patrick Bateson, current president of the Zoological Society of London and professor of animal behavior at Cambridge University, as well as former secretary of the Royal Society, published a report in 2011 that reviewed research using nonhuman primates in the United Kingdom. It is important to note that around 70 percent of all primate use in the United Kingdom is conducted to satisfy legislative or regulatory testing requirements and not necessarily because primates are essential for satisfying scientific goals. The Bateson report recommended that all proposed primate studies be assessed using the following parameters: scientific value, probability of medical or other benefit, availability of alternatives, and likelihood and extent of animal suffering. The report considered approximately 9 percent of the studies it examined to be of low importance and to inflict high levels of suffering. It found that half of the thirty-one neuroscience studies took a high toll on animal welfare, although most were also considered to be of high scientific value. Two of the studies were of concern because they posed a "high welfare impact," but moderate-quality science and little medical benefit. The care and upkeep of primates other than chimpanzees is twenty to twenty-five dollars per day, compared with twenty cents to about $1. Therefore, these funds might be better spent on other research models, including several technologies that could replace nonhuman primates and other animals. Army recently announced that it would end the use of monkeys for chemical casualty training courses and replace them with alternatives such as simulators that mimic the effects of nerve gas on victims. The main drivers for efforts to phase out research on chimpanzees are their genetic, biological, and behavioral similarities with humans. Chimpanzee cognition has been studied extensively, and their capabilities are considerable. As with other primates, the impact of laboratory life-including barren housing and social isolation-on chimpanzees can last decades due to their long lifespan and thus raises significant welfare concerns. There is evidence that some chimpanzees used in research suffer from a form of posttraumatic stress disorder similar to that of humans. In their 2008 article, Gay Bradshaw and colleagues described the plight of a chimpanzee named Jeannie who en- dured invasive research and social isolation for over a decade. She exhibited abnormal behavior, including self-injury, bouts of aggression, and, according to laboratory documentation, a "nervous breakdown. The paper concluded: "The costs of laboratory-caused trauma are immeasurable in their life-long psychological impact on, and consequent suffering of, chimpanzees. A good starting point would be the formation of a working group of diverse stakeholders who agree that ending primate research is a worthwhile goal. The stakeholder group could develop a concrete plan to work on common-ground issues. This would involve developing priorities, short-term outcomes, and related activities. In the United States, many stakeholders express frustration with the fact that the Food and Drug Administration, for example, favors data from outdated tests, including those that involve primates and other animals. Phasing out invasive research on all nonhuman primates would take courage on the part of leaders in science and policy. At various points in the past century and a quarter, restrictions have been placed on particular kinds of human and animal research because of ethical issues, despite objections that such restrictions would slow scientific progress; think, for instance, of the Helsinki Declaration to protect human subjects in research and the animal welfare laws in the United States and the European Union.

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Arnold to asthma symptoms and joint pain buy singulair 5 mg march to asthma x ray signs buy singulair online pills the foundery at Westham asthma symptoms 3 dpo purchase singulair 10 mg mastercard, six miles from Richmond, and to destroy it. The flank companies of the 80th, under Major Gordon, were sent as a reinforcement. The trunnions of many pieces of iron cannon were struck off, a quantity of small arms and a great variety of military stores were destroyed. Upon consultation with the artillery officer, it was thought better to destroy the magazine than to blow it up. This fatiguing business was effected by carrying the powder down the cliffs and pouring it into the water. The warehouses and mills were then set on fire, and many explosions happened in different parts of the buildings, which might have been hazardous had it been relied on that all the powder was regularly deposited in one magazine; and the foundery, which was a very complete one, was totally destroyed. George Town is a place, Lying on the Santee, about 60 Miles Distant from Charles Town. Several Refugees are in and About the Town, & Some Notorious Rebels, are Trading, Trafficing [sic] & Making their fortune. Johann Ludwig Wilhelm Von Hanxleden acting out of Pensacola, to seize a Spanish fort situated on the outskirts of Mobile itself. Abraham Buford was in Salisbury bedridden with illness, and which later caused him to leave the army and go home to Virginia. Initially, he took with him some wagons; which he later sent back to Greene as too cumbersome for his light corps to travel with. Anthony Wayne: "[After giving an account of the battle of Camden and recent military activity in the region]. This controversy probably explains why Smith is not heard of subsequently in the southern campaign; with the probable (though not definite) inference being that he and his regiment shortly thereafter went home to Maryland. General Morgan has one hundred regular horse, three hundred Maryland regulars, and eight hundred militia under him. Their only covering is an old shirt and trousers; the whole are without shoes, nor can any sort of manufactory be established in this country, therefore our hides are useless to us. Our two regiments of horse are reduced to half a regiment, and illy supplied with accoutrements. The present camp affords good support of every kind; but when we are forced from this, Heaven only knows how we are to employ our teeth. General Greene has conducted himself with the greatest wisdom and assiduity, and I verily believe, was he tolerably supported by the States, he would oblige his antagonist to retire to Charleston * * * I feel most sensibly for the situation of the refugees from South Carolina, their distresses are only equalled by their virtue. No situation of any inhabitant of the above description in the Northern States can give you even a faint idea of what these people suffer. In furtherance of his long anticipated second invasion of North Carolina, Cornwallis began his march from Winnsborough northward in which he covered only twenty-five miles in eight days. The rains, his heavy baggage, and dearth of wagons impeded his advance, but, in addition, he also moved with some deliberate slowness in order that he might not too quickly outdistance Leslie; whom he felt was necessary to have with him in order to conduct a proper offensive. Before leaving Winnsborough, Cornwallis sent an order to Balfour, at Charlestown, to dispatch a sufficiently strong expeditionary force by water to the sea-port town of Wilmington, N. In furtherance, Balfour detached Major James Craig on that service (see 21 January); with the latter subsequently driving the American militia from Wilmington and taking possession of the town on the same day he landed. Wilmington, however, later proved defective as supply point for the Royal army in N. The whole expence, as charged by the commissary to government for this service, guides, expresses, collecting, shelling, grinding packing, wages, &c. Greene ordered Major David Campbell with 105 Virginia riflemen of Botetourt County, who were situated in Salisbury, to join Morgan posted on the Pacelot River. Leslie left Camden, crossing the Wateree Ferry, and finally arrived at Twenty-Five Mile Creek a western tributary of the Wateree. He had left behind his three pounders at Camden, while adding to his corps the Royal North Carolina Regt; which finally unified (at the request of its commander Lieut. While the army lay at that place, lieutenant colonel Simcoe, at the head of less than fifty horse, attacked and dispersed a body of militia at Charles City court-house, with the loss of only one man killed and three wounded. While baron Steuben followed Arnold down the river, colonel Clarke [George Rogers Clark] drew a British party of about three hundred men into an ambuscade. One fire was given with some effect; but on its being partially returned, the party which had formed the ambuscade broke, and fled in the utmost confusion. Judiciously as the scheme was contrived, it was marred in the execution, by the precipitation with which the militia abandoned their post, after discharging one fire. James Kenan of Duplin County whose militiamen had recently put to flight a gathering of tories at Drowning Creek. Cornwallis to Leslie: "I have not heard from Tarleton since Tuesday, I believe he is as much embarrassed with the waters as you are. Regarding the origin of the personal and bitter wrangling with Mckay (or McKoy), see Mid to Late May 1780, Augusta raids. They had frequently intercepted boats, laden with provisions and other stores, which they took and secured or destroyed. Colonel Brown detached an officer, with twenty-five regular troops and twenty militia, to dislodge them. After the reduction of Charlestown by Sir Henry Clinton, I was detached by Brigadier-General [Lieut. On our march, the Carolinians of the districts near Savannah River voluntarily took the oaths of allegiance, and received protection. The militia under the command of Kemp fled upon the first fire; he and the soldiers unable to resist a very superior force, surrendered themselves prisoners. The same question was put to the soldiers; nine out of ten refused and shared the same fate. Apprehending a general revolt in that quarter of the country, I immediately marched from Augusta with one hundred and seventy Indians, and I was joined by four hundred militia. About thirty miles from Black Swamp, Colonel Harden, about midnight, attacked our camp, and was repulsed. The militia under my command during the action deserted to a man, joined Colonel Harden, who thus reinforced, at ten in the morning renewed the attack, but his men being totally without discipline, were defeated with considerable loss. Although I lamented the necessity of having recourse to these extremities, a necessity created by themselves, I am persuaded on a similar occasion, Dr. He then denounces Pickens for how his raid on thirteen Indian villages had been inhumanly carried out; while contrasting this with how the Indians he knew were touched at the sight of a defenseless enemy. Thomas Brown with 570, including some Cherokees (or else 170 plus 500 Indians), went out from Augusta on an expedition to catch Col. The whigs possibly tried to attack again next day, yet, if so it is assumed they were repulsed. In the encounter, Harden had lost 7 killed and 11 wounded, and some captured including Rannall McKay whom Brown subsequently executed for the death of Lieut. The news of which reached the ears of those brave and dauntless officers, Colonels.

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