Tuesday May 20, 2014

Box office at 7:10
limited seating; bring pillow

Net Loft

1650 Johnston St.
Vancouver, BC
(Granville Island)
Cafe area in centre of building

Join us for a unique concert, followed by an intimate workshop with international hand pan (Hang) master Liron Man. Admission is $10 for the concert and $10 for the workshop or $15 for both, a very limited number of hand pans are available for rental for the workshop from Gandharva Loka World Music Please call 604 683 7733 to reserve your spot today. This event is offered in our first exciting collaboration with the amazing Gandharva Loka Music Store on Granville Island!

Since the age of 18, Liron has been attracted to different instruments such as mandolin, bouzouki, clarinet, Ney flute and different percussion instruments. Through these instruments, Liron was exposed to new musical styles such as gypsy music from Eastern Europe, Oriental music, Bossa Nova, Samba, Klezmer music, reggae, various Fusion music styles, and much more. In 2006, Liron bought his first hang drum and immediately felt a connection with the instrument and the ability to play it. Due to the lack of teachers who specialize in this unique new musical instrument, Liron developed his own style. Over the years, Liron has developed a clean, harmonious technique and has influenced many hang drum artists around the world.

Without a doubt, Liron is considered as one of the leading hang drum artists in the world today, his astounding speed and accuracy combined with his rich music experience create the unique audio experience which captivate his audience. During the past few years, Liron discovered and fell in love with the world of flamenco and specifically flamenco guitar. Due to the lack of flamenco guitar teachers in Israel, Liron had to make use of available internet lessons as his initial inspiration. Today, Liron is living and studying in Andalusia, the core of flamenco in Spain, and is now performing with his flamenco guitar and combines the hang with the various authentic flamenco styles he has picked up.

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