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    Posted On: May 18, 2018

    “Intense, passionate, emotional.” – The London Free Press

    Direct from Spain – Fin de Fiesta Flamenco dance and music ensemble presents SALVAJE, an untamed new production that explores the wild, unrestrained side of one of the world’s most passionate and intense art forms: flamenco. SALVAJE, means “wild,” and pays homage to flamenco’s rough-and-tumble origins.

    The searing vocals of Alejandro Mendia (Noces Gitanes, France) are accompanied by the intricate guitar arpeggios of Dennis Duffin (Ventanas, Canada) and the haunting flute melodies of Lara Wong (Vancouver/Madrid). Dancer Lia Grainger (2017 Certamen New York International Flamenco Competition finalist) brings the stage to life with fierce and sensual choreographies and improvisations and Hanser Gomez (Cuba) holds down the rhythm on cajon. Deborah “La Caramelita” (Noces Gitanes, France) will also join the ensemble as a special guest dancer for this tour only.

    Since their founding in 2013, Fin de Fiesta Flamenco has played more than 90 concerts on two continents. They released their first self-titled album in the fall of 2016 and toured across Canada and France to rave reviews in 2017. This summer, they’ll bring SALVAJE to cities and towns in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.

    To the south of Spain and back again, Fin de Fiesta will leave you breathless, with the pulsing rhythms of flamenco beating in your heart.

    “An absolutely breathtaking performance.” — The Whole Note

    Fin de Fiesta Flamenco is a vibrant music and dance ensemble comprised of award winning artists from Canada, France and Cuba, with strong connections with Vancouver. Their performances takes audiences on a thrilling journey, from flamenco’s traditional roots in the music and culture of southern Spain, all the way to its contemporary forms. Ancient rhythms meet avantgarde ideas and converge in an explosion of staccato guitar and percussive footwork. The group includes lead dancer Lia Grainger (Vancouver/Spain), dancer Deborah Dawson (Vancouver, France), Guitarist Dennis Duffin (Toronto/Spain), flautist/singer Lara Wong (Vancouver/Spain), Singer Alejandro Mendia (France/Spain) and percussionist Hanser Gomez (Cuba/Montreal)

  • KLEZMERFEST: Oktopus & Debaucherauntes

    Posted On: May 9, 2018

    Join us for this festive evening of Klezmer-infused music and you will be whisked away on a vibrant journey, following the trail of the klezmorim across Europe, then eastward to the moving sands and sounds of the Maghreb, and as far east as the Urals, where its soulful renditions of the oral traditions of the Balkans echo the tears of the dispossessed.  Much Dancing is encouraged!!

    ABOUT OKTOPUS (Montreal) –
    The instrumental creature known as Oktopus extends its creative tentacles across the landscape of East European music with an effervescent concoction of new and reinvented elements of the repertoire. The band’s exuberant harmony of bows, keys, valves and mouths strikes a chord in music lovers’ hearts, bringing pure joy to audiences in quest of memorable evenings, festive occasions and other momentous celebrations. The group was founded in 2010 by Gabriel Paquin-Buki, who from, the outset, has signed dozens of arrangements from the traditional repertoire, as well as from classical, pop and Québécois music and who, more recently, has contributed, along with violinist Vanessa Marcoux, new compositions to the group’s repertoire.  To see Oktopus perform live, whether in a concert hall, in a park, on a street corner or in a hot-air balloon, will transport you, transform you, entrance you, and enhance your desire to dance on and on.

    Seattle-based Klezmer fusion band The Debaucherauntes is known for their tilt-a-whirl tempos, neo-vaudvillian-esque tinged stage presence, powerhouse vocals, blistering solos, and earworm melodies ranging from hearbreaking to dance candy. Inspired by a diverse range of influences, from whiskey-soaked throaty circus ballads to triphop, folk punk, and electroswing, audiences leave with tired feet and a full heart.


    Posted On: May 9, 2018

    “a shamanistic and utterly visceral performance full of pounding drums, crashing gongs and wild horns” – npr

    “Their pounding music was entrancing… spinning dance moves…seamlessly combined old with new, in a performance that encompassed solemn acapella chanting and energetic dancing.” – London Folk Magazine and News

    Noreum Machi, referring to a performer who is so skilled that no one would dare to follow on stage, specializes in the virtuosic percussion music known as Samul-nori. This exciting music, first introduced to the West in 1978, is a modernized-staged adaptation of the ancient Pungmul-nori, famers’ ritual that had its origin in shamanism and animism. Noreum Machi’s colorful program includes spectacular percussion dialogues, haunting shamanic chants, and entrancing acrobatic dances.

    Samul-nori (Samul means “four objects” and Nori means “play”) is performed primarily with four traditional instruments; Jang-gu, Buk, Jing, and Kkwaenggwari. Other instruments used are the Taepyongso and Piri. Each of the four main instruments represents different elements of nature: the Jang-gu represents Rain; the Buk, Clouds; the Jing, Wind; and the Kkwaenggwari, Thunder Storm. Yin and Yang is also reflected: the Buk and the Jang-gu represent the sound of the earth, while the Jing and the Kkwaenggwari represent the sound of the heaven.

    Juhong Kim, Artistic Director, Percussion, Vocalist
    Hyunju Oh, Percussion
    Howon Lee, Percussion
    Taeho Kim, Wind Instruments
    Youngjun Kim, Wind Instruments


    Posted On: May 9, 2018

    Transcending language barriers, Ottoman music was born out of vast empires as musicians from Baghdad, Cairo, Andalusia and beyond, traveled from court to court.  Inspired by these multi-layered influences, Ensemble Zaman, revives a rare repertoire of  the Levant region, covering dialects from classical Turkish Sanat Musigi, to classical Arabic chants, the Muwashahat.

    Zaman’s group leader is Montreal-based Lebanese singer and oud player Lamia Yared.  She performs classical Arabic songs, the Muwashahat. Her musical journey embraces influences of  Sephardic songs,  Greek  traditional music of Asia Minor,  as well as Ottoman classical music.  Lamia is accompanied by master musicians from Syria and Turkey, including
    Oud player: Nazih Borish, Qanun player :Didem Başar, Percussions: Nathaniel Huard.

    Artist website:

  • Ilaria Graziano & Francesco Forni

    Posted On: May 9, 2018

    While the duo of Ilaria Graziano & Francesco Forni are from Naples, Italy, their music is a very cosmopolitan mix of folk, blues, and la dolce vita, reflecting a musical world view that is broad and open. Each had individually successful careers of their own, composing, recording, performing and touring – but found inspiration and compatibilità working as a duo, recording three albums together to date, with their most recent release this past March, “Twinkle, Twinkle.”

    Singing in their native Italian, along with English, French and Spanish, their performances are fascinating travelogues that take listeners across Mexico and Texas, into the American heartland of blues and folk, and beyond into Argentinean Tango, Central European cabaret, and Neapolitan song. The duo also travels through time, with references to tradition living alongside contemporary styles, while maintaining a magical balance between a lightness of musical textures and expressive depth. The result is a continuous game and role exchange between the soft, warm and fascinating sound of Francesco’s guitar who sometimes seems to be close to catching fire and the evocative voice of Ilaria which could as well be coming from another time and space, hypnotic, sensual and fiery. Their performance is an experience that can hardly be forgotten and, on the contrary, holds on one’s heart and mind for a long time. 



    Posted On: April 5, 2018


    Iranian music maverick Mohsen Namjoo and his band, with special guests the Italian female a-capella quartet Faraualla will perform Mohsen Namjoo’s new album “On the string of a tear’s bow”. The performance will be a journey of a corpse from Mongolia to East Europe going through all rituals and mourning ceremonies in all local ethnicities and cultures.
    The show will be performed in two sets, the first set is the new album and the second set will be a selection of Mohsen Namjoo’s favorite classics with his full band.

    Mohsen Namjoo is an Iranian artist, songwriter, singer, music scholar and setar (traditional Persian lute) player based in New York City. Hailed as “the Bob Dylan of Iran” by the New York Times, Namjoo is a visionary artist who speaks for the youth in Iran. Seamlessly blending the Classical Persian setar with electric guitar, and rock and blues vocal techniques with Persian avaz (singing), he fuses the ancient with the current.  Since his arrival to the U.S. in 2011, Namjoo has been touring the world to sold out concerts at prestigious halls such as Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco; Conservatorio Sala Verdi, Milan, Italy;  Disney Hall, Los Angeles and many more. His 10th album “On the String of the Tear’s Bow ” was released on March 26 2018.

    The quartet Faraualla was founded in 1995. After a careful study of vocality in different fields of music, the four singers have found a common interest investigating the use of the voice as an instrument, practicing polyphony and studying vocal expressions of different ethnicities and historical periods. The outcomes of this work can be clearly heard in the repertory of Faraualla, in original compositions as in traditional songs, incorporating sounds from a diverse group of places, times and cultures among which are: Apulia, Corsica, Bulgaria and Tahiti, which deal with the traditional music of gypsies, Moravians, Ars Nova, and Southern Italy. The presence of Apulia, the province in the south-east of Italy, their native country, can be found in the “sound” of the quartet, in the percussion instruments used in the performance, and in the name itself of the group. Faraualla is the deepest natural cavity of Apulia. Faraualla has performed in important national and international festivals and shows.



    Posted On: March 23, 2018

    Caravan World Rhythms and Las Estrellas de Vancouver present a super duper Fiesta!! Join us at the WISE Hall on May 26th for an exciting concert featuring three very distinct groups playing the music of Mexico and Colombia… Mariachi, Son Jarocho, Huasteco, Vallenato and Cumbia. Get ready to dance to these vibrant groups and later dance the night away to the tropical selections of DJ Marc Fournier.

    MEXICAN FOLK DANCE WORKSHOPS, JUNE 2nd: See Details at bottom of this section.

    Son del Monton – from Guanajuato, Mexico. Visiting on a cultural exchange to share their tradition and to present their music to a completely new audience and make new musical connections. The four members come from diverse musical backgrounds – Son Jarocho, Huasteco, Jazz, Classical, reggae, rock, Son Cubano, Flamenco and more. They work with the Cultural Institute of Guanajuato to present and preserve the Mexican musical traditions in various municipalities in the state of Guanajuato and other parts of Mexico. The four are part of the original group that formed in 2004 and has gone through many transformations in its 15 years and has settled in this configuration to present the best of Son Jarocho and Huasteco in their own unique style and interpretation.

    Mariachi Las Estrellas de Vancouver – Canada’s only all-female Mariachi band. Formed with the goal to explore in-depth the music of Mexico, one so rich and diverse in its musical traditions. Made up of a dedicated group from Classical, jazz and world music training, all involved with a variety of projects but come together out of their common love for Mariachi music. They recently participated in the first International Women’s Mariachi festival in Tlaxcala, Mexico, and have also hosted two Women’s Mariachi events here with guest historian and founder of the Women’s Mariachi Foundation in San Diego, California, Dr. Leonor Xochitl Perez. They also recently collaborated with the Allegra Chamber Orchestra as part of a concert to benefit the music therapy program for women at the WISH drop-in Centre. They look forward to many more future collaboration with other genres such as jazz, Balkan, reggae, and more.

    Breaking Boundaries –high energy, danceable, super fun group directed by Colombian musician/accordionist, John Gonzalez. They hardly need an introduction as they are one of the busiest working groups in Vancouver with a solid following of dedicated fans. They deliver fresh interpretations of Colombian Vallenato and cumbia that will certainly get you on the dance floor!


    JUNE 2, 11:15am – 12:45pm
    RHYTHM ROOM, 8713 Cambie St, Vancouver

    Join the members of Son del Montón in this unique Son Jarocho and Huasteco dance workshop. This will be a great addition to any dancer’s repertoire particularly those already involved in other styles of rhythmic dancing like Flamenco and tap dance.

    The zapateado is a group of dance styles of Mexico, characterized by a lively rhythm punctuated by the striking of the dancer’s shoes, akin to tap dance. The name derives from the Spanish word zapato for “shoe”: zapatear means to strike with a shoe.

    Cost: $25
    Some dance experience is helpful but not necessary. Suitable for ages 16 and up.

    About the instructors:

    Ignacio Piñon (Guanajuato City, Guanajuato) – Began his dance training at the age of 7 and joined the Ballet Folklorico de la Universidad de Guanajuato at the age of 10. He went on to win many awards in several states in Mexico in National Folkloric dance competitions including at the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City. He is also a very skilled violist and jarana player in the styles of Son Jarocho and Huasteco. Apart from competitions, he has performed in many International Festivals throughout Mexico as a dancer and musician with the group Son del Montón and with trio Huasteco Guanaxteco.

    Anatolij Tkatschinski (Minatitlán, Vera Cruz) – Born into the Son Jarocho tradition of the southern part of Vera Cruz, he began his study at the age of 12 with percussion, requinto and zapateado. With the group Son del Montón, he has participated in numerous presentations throughout Mexico and currently teaches weekly classes in Son Jarocho and zapateado. He is well known in Guanajuato for his clear and concise style of teaching and the students find themselves immediately participating in an authentic arrangement of the dance along with live music.

    For more information, call Michelle at 604 440 2355

  • CHE MALAMBO – Direct from Argentina

    Posted On: November 7, 2017

    Be the First in Line to Experience the Sizzling All-Male Argentinian Dance Company!

    Combining the lightning-fast footwork of Riverdance with the smouldering intensity of flamenco and tango, Che Malambo will storm the stage this spring with a breathtaking new program of fleet-footed precision and intensity. 

    This dance and music spectacle showcases gaucho tradition with its dueling drums and whirling boleadoras (a traditional weapon with a cord and weighted stones). Hailed by critics for their “power and passion” and “mind-blowing” performance, this one-night only engagement promises to seduce audiences with pulsating rhythms, magnetic physicality, and a delicious hint of danger.

    “The men dance with a power and passion that builds into a kind of ecstasy.” – The Boston Globe

     “A rousing group spectacle.” – The New York Times

     “Che Malambo is a performance brimming with passion, commitment and talent. It is truly outstanding – a must see for anyone interested in rhythm and dance.” – My Van City



  • Ventanas & Lache Cercel Roma Ensemble

    Posted On: November 5, 2017

    “MIGRATIONS” – A unique double bill of featuring the music and dance of migratory cultures that intersected from Eastern Europe to the Iberian Peninsula, including Sephardic Jewish, Spanish-Roma flamenco, Balkan-Roma, Romanian, Turkish, and more.

    From Toronto, singer-dancer Tamar Ilana leads the Balkan-Flamenco group Ventanas.

    From Vancouver, virtuoso Romanian-Roma violinist Lache Cercel leads his Roma-swing ensemble, with special guest Moroccan singer Meriem Ben Amor, and guest accordionist.

    WORKSHOP NOTICE: Tamar Ilana will lead a SEPHARDIC MUSIC workshop on Tuesday, Feb 20, 7pm at the Net Loft on Granville Island, co-hosted by the Gandharva Loka Music Store. Cost $20. Pre-registration is required by calling the store during business hours at 604-683-6733, or email:

    Tamar Ilana and her trans-Mediterranean ensemble Ventanas fuse passion and intimate dialogue, embracing the varied instrumental and melodic traditions of North Africa, the Balkans, Turkey and Spain to create fresh interpretations and original songs. flamenco guitar, baglama, violin, darbuka, and percussive flamenco footwork intertwine with surprising harmony, joy and yearning. Tamar Ilana defies easy categorization. The Toronto-born singer’s voice is as fierce and powerful as it is delicate and ornamental, and she is as comfortable enchanting heart-wrenching flamenco arrangements in Spanish as she is breathing mournful Sephardic love songs, or singing playful Balkan party tunes. With her Canadian Folk Music Award-nominated ensemble Ventanas, Ilana skips effortlessly from one genre to the next, and in her original compositions blends these diverse influences with a mastery that makes their synthesis sound like the most natural thing in the world.

    Before leaving his homeland, Lache Cercel was one of Romania’s premier musicians. From a musical family, he trained at the Academy of Arts in Bucharest, became a soloist with the Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra and, in 1986, was awarded the “Artist of the People” Citation by the Romanian government. He calls his fusion Roma Jazz or Roma Swing. In the tradition of Django Reinhardt and Stephen Grappelli, Cercel lays classical and improvisational jazz alongside traditional renderings, which makes for a phenomenal sound.

    Cercel is a bandleader who lets every musician shine. He plays with the outrageous virtuosity found in contemporary European Roma recordings, and adds his own vision, relaxing the form somewhat. The musicians play with freedom and the listener feels the strong roots and hears the history of tragedy, struggle and ultimate survival that is part of Roma music.


    We would like to thank the SOCAN Foundation, and the Government of British Columbia for their support of this project.


    Posted On: November 5, 2017

    TICKETS: $20 advance / $25 door. Students $5 discount.

    Tamar Ilana and her trans-Mediterranean ensemble Ventanas fuse passion and intimate dialogue, embracing the varied instrumental and melodic traditions of North Africa, the Balkans, Turkey and Spain to create fresh interpretations and original songs. flamenco guitar, baglama, violin, darbuka, and percussive flamenco footwork intertwine with surprising harmony, joy and yearning. Tamar Ilana defies easy categorization. The Toronto-born singers voice is as fierce and powerful as it is delicate and ornamental, and she is as comfortable enchanting heart-wrenching flamenco arrangements in Spanish as she is breathing mournful Sephardic love songs, or singing playful Balkan party tunes. With her Canadian Folk Music Award-nominated ensemble Ventanas, Ilana skips effortlessly from one genre to the next, and in her original compositions blends these diverse influences with a mastery that makes their synthesis sound like the most natural thing in the world.

    Tamar Ilana – vocals/dance  | Benjamin Barrile – flamenco guitar |  Derek Gray – percussion | Jessica Hana Deutsch – violin/vocals | Justin Gray – double bass

  • “ILLUMINATION” – Persian & Turkish Sufi Concert

    Posted On: November 5, 2017

    Vashaan Music Society and Caravan World Rhythms once again join forces to present a sublime evening of Persian and Turkish music, reuniting international-renowned Turkish Sufi musician Omar Faruk Tekbilek with Vancouver’s premiere Vashaan Persian Music Ensemble, and whirling dervish Raqib Burke, who performed together in the memorable concert “Sufi Journey” to a full house at the Chan Centre in 2014. These uniquely talented artists, joined by Israeli-Canadian guitarist Itamar Erez, will embark on a new presentation called “Illumination”, led by female santour player and musical director, Saina Khaledi.

    Persian and Turkish cultures share many similarities as the two countries developed side by side for thousands of years.  These include similar instruments, similar rhythms and musical scales, though the approaches are very different. This concert revolves around the spontaneous musical and exchange between artists from different cultures who have a shared vision and a strong musical and personal connection. Audiences will be swept away by the uplifting and sublime energy created by these talented performers in “Illumination.”

    The Vashaan ensemble strives to give creative voices to groups and people who are not often heard.  This year, the ensemble has focused on giving a stronger representation to Iranian female composers who have done remarkable work in their field but have not received the recognition they deserve.  Saina Khaledi is a fine example of talented Iranian women who are making great strides in Persian music. Saina is an award winning santour player from Iran and has played a central role in the creative development of the Vashaan Ensemble.  She has composed many pieces and has toured and performed with some of the best singers and musicians from Iran.  She has composed new pieces for this concert which are both technically challenging to perform, yet melodic and beautiful. Her compositions are inspired by the Sufi poetry of Rumi, which also inspires the music of Omar Faruk Tekbilek.


    Omar Faruk Tekbilek is the most important international exponent of Sufi-inspired music from Turkey, who has created a loyal following across a variety of communities including World Music, Middle-eastern dance, and Jazz, since he began touring 30 years ago. He is a virtuoso on several instruments, including the nay (bamboo flute), the zurna (double-reed oboe like instrument), the baglama (long-necked lute) and a variety of hand percussions. Omar Faruk brilliantly interprets the Sufi, folk, and contemporary music of the Middle East.

    Gathering together some of the finest classically trained Persian musicians working outside Iran, the Vashaan Ensemble draws upon Iran’s rich musical past to perform joyful and memorable Persian Traditional songs Members of the group include Reza Honari (kemanche – spike fiddle), Fathieh Honari (vocals), Hamin Honari (percussion), Ali Razmi (tar Persian lute), Saina Khaledi (santur), and Ali Sajjadi (oud).

    Itamar Erez is an internationally renowned composer and guitarist who has shared the stage with such musicians as Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Tomatito, Avishai Cohen, Jean-Louis Matinier, Zohar Fresco, and others. Born in Israel, but making his home in Vancouver, Itamar’s music holds a depth and sensitivity that touches listeners deeply; It blends the delicateness of Middle Eastern music, the freedom found in Jazz and the passion of Flamenco, creating a unique sound all his own.

    Rounding out the presentation is the internationally renowned Whirling Dervish, Raqib Brian Burke and his guest ensemble, known for their strong adherence to the spiritual Sufi tradition while exploring new movement vocabulary that reaches deep into the soul of those watching them.



    The 2018 JUNO Awards Host Committee, in partnership with Creative BC and Music BC.



  • ZIMBAMOTO Album Release

    Posted On: October 5, 2017

    Worldbeat and African music fans will be excited to hear that after nearly a decade of electrifying festival and club shows across Canada, ZIMBAMOTO is finally releasing its first album, Tambai.

    ZIMBAMOTO is a Vancouver-based ensemble led by Canada’s foremost mbira and marimba virtuoso,
    Kurai Mubaiwa. The band also features renowned world percussion artist and composer Curtis Andrews on drums, percussionist Navaro Franco, guitarist Mark Campbell and bassist Greg Valou. Mixing the traditional music of Zimbabwe with electric grooves and heavy beats, they create a hypnotic sound that is uniquely built for the dance floor, evoking the village as well as the urban street party.

    The music is rooted in the classical repertoire of the mbira, a metal-tined ‘thumb piano’ that first appeared in the Zambezi River valley nearly 1,000 years ago, that is traditionally used to invoke ancestral spirits.

    Warming up the night is Vancouver’s emerging World-Fusion group MNGWA. MNGWA takes its name from a giant cat that once stalked the jungles of eastern Africa. A 9-piece band made up of Russians, Mexicans, and Canadians, they are a strange beast indeed. Mixing in elements of psychedelic rock, dub, African rhythms, and vocals in four languages, MNGWA
    injects the local music scene with a fresh global perspective. They call it “Vancumbia Ambush”. Based in East Vancouver, MNGWA is earning a reputation as a juggernaut party band, hosting underground shows that include video projections, costumes, puppets, live artwork, and a colourful entourage of weirdos.

    Artist websites:

    We would like thank the following for their support: Creative BC (for recording of the album), the City of Vancouver Cultural Affairs, the BC Arts Council/BC Touring Council, and the Dept. of Canadian Heritage.


    Posted On: August 26, 2017

    NOMADIC MASSIVE is a unique crowd-rocking, multilingual hip hop crew based out of Montreal. Known for their explosive shows and sharp socially conscious lyrics, the 10 piece band has captivated audiences worldwide with their own mix of global beats, based on live instrumentation and the art of sampling.

    In 2016, after three years of international touring, the Nomads have left their mark on the genre’s most avid fans as they launched a brand new album on the album entitled The Big Band Theory, probably the group’s most complete work to date.

    Nomadic Massive proved itself to be contemporary and urban, both in style (hip hop) and content (intelligent, positive lyrics, sung in English, French, Creole, Spanish and Arabic). Today’s big cities and the cultural blend they generate, see in this group, an archetype band of the 21st century, representing a local reality but with its eyes on the rest of the world.


    Opening for Nomadic is Vancouver’s own multicultural “Rap & Soul” crew composed of JB the First Lady, Kimmortal, and Missy D, with DJ Su Comandante spinning global sounds through the night!

    Kimmortal is an independent artist and creative powerhouse based in Vancouver, BC. Known for her socially conscious lyrics that speak to her experience as queer filipina-canadian, her music is an eclectic mix of soul, indie-rock, rap, and hip hop experimental. She often brings unexpected instruments into her live sets including the ukulele or glockenspiel.Other festivals she has performed at include Canadian Music Week, Kultura Filipino Arts Festival (Toronto), New West Pride Festival, and the Queer Women of Colour Film Festival (San Francisco). She has opened up for artists Shad K, Azizi Gibson, Gabriel Teodros, Lal and Saul Williams.

    ///JB the FirstLady///
    Jerilynn Webster, aka JB the First Lady, is a member of the Nuxalk & Onondaga Nation’s. She is a Vancouver-based female hip hop/spoken word artist, beat-boxer, cultural dancer and youth educator. “using [her] words to go upwards/not backwards.” These are lyrics that describe what JB tries to convey in her music. JB has performed at over 500 hip hop shows, anywhere from auditoriums to Annual General Meetings for community organizations. She is spreading the words of empowerment & the perspective of urban indigenous women in Canada. Hip Hop is her chosen avenue of expression. JB’s music is lyrically motivated with depth, meaning, and positivity like none other. She has released 3 solo albums, 1 mixtape and Entertribal album to date, “Indigenous Love” (2008); “Get Ready, Get Steady” (2011) and “Indigenous Girl Lifestyle” (2014) and the 2015 IMA winning album “Indigenized: Hitting the trail” by Entertribal in collaboration with Chief Rock.

    JB is the 2015 winner of the Indigenous Music Award for Best Album Cover. She is a 5-time nominated artist at the Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards, the only solo female to ever be nominated for Best Hip Hop Album, and has been nominated previously for Best Pop Album & Best Album Cover. She recently Just won “Vancouver Mayor Arts Award” for “community engaged art”.
    JB wants young indigenous women to feel proud, inspired, and to see someone on stage that looks like them; representing indigenous women in mainstream media.

     //Missy D.//
    Missy D is a bilingual female emcee born and raised around the Motherland. She is from a blend of African cultures and tries to do the same with her music. Her Eastern African culture is originally from Rwanda. Her Western African culture from Cote d’Ivoire and finally Southern African culture from Zimbabwe. She loves to blend old school and new school Hip-Hop/Rap/R&B. She writes to inspire, to purge, and also to have fun. Discovering her talent at the tender age of 11, Missy D started rapping her first melodies in French. She is blend of your mother’s favorite groovy tunes and your family rap jams, some call it “Rap & Soul”.

    She recently released her debut album “When Music Hits You Feel No Pain available on all music platforms. In August 2017, she won the Top Award Storyhive Music Video 2017 for her song “XX” featuring Kimmortal.

    Missy D will have you catching too many feelings and grooving throughout the day. Missy D embraces diversity in instrumentals, music, and most of all people!

    Debut Album link:
    XX Music Video :

    Promo Material:
    2017 Storyhive Music Edition Winner : BC Top Award: Missy D ” XX ” ft. Kimmortal




    Posted On: August 15, 2017

    Caravan launches its 18th season with sublime and powerful music from Mali, co-presented with the Rogue Folk Club.

    Trio Da Kali is a group of outstanding musicians from the Mande culture of southern Mali, who come from a long line of distinguished griots (hereditary musicians). Consisting of vocals, bass ngoni, and balafon they take their name from one of the oldest and most iconic praise songs in the griot repertoire, dating from many centuries ago. “Da kali” means “to swear an oath”, in this case, it is the griots’ pledge to maintain their art.

    On September 15, Trio da Kali releases their first full-length album, LADLIKAN, a collaboration with the Kronos Quartet. The new album represents a landmark in cultural cross-fertilization.

    Fodé Lassana Diabaté, the musical director of Trio da Kali, is a virtuoso balafon player from Guinea, where the instrument originated in the 13th century. Lassana began playing at the age of 5 at home in Conakry with his father, Djelisory Diabaté, a master balafon player, from Kindia, some 150 kms inland. Lassana later apprenticed himself to some of the celebrated balafon masters such as the late, great El Hadj Djeli Sory Kouyate, also from Kindia, as well as the late Alkali Camara. To this day, Lassana cherishes the now rare recordings of his mentors, whose unique styles continue to be an important inspiration to him. A musician of great subtlety and invention he has honed a virtuosic two-balafon technique to perfection. He settled in Mali in the late 1980s after being invited to join the band of the diva Ami Koita, and has since recorded with many of Mali’s top artists such as Toumani Diabaté, Salif Keita, Babani Koné, Tiken Jah Fakoly, and Bassekou Kouyaté; he was also a member of the Grammy-nominated Mali-Cuba collaboration, Afrocubism.

    Hawa Kasse Mady Diabaté is undoubtedly Mali’s finest female voice today, revered at home for her knowledge of repertoire and for her powerful, clear and expressive voice, rooted in the tradition of Kela, a village in southwest Mali famous for its griot music, where she grew up. She is the daughter of Mali’s most celebrated male singer, Kasse Mady Diabaté – guardian of Kela’s special tradition – and the niece of Mali’s best-known female singer and composer, the late Sira Mory Diabaté. Today Hawa is amongst the most sought after stars at weddings and baptisms (the most important showcase for griots in Mali). In June of 2016 Hawa performed in Terry Riley’s ‘Mali in C’ for Africa Express at Holland Festival and again at Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris in May 2017.

    Bass ngoni player Mamadou Kouyaté, the eldest son of the instrument’s greatest exponent Bassekou Kouyaté, also holds down the groove in his father’s band Ngoni ba. He grew up in Bamako playing the ngoni with his father and the extended family, and is astonishingly creative in the bass lines he produces on this four-string bass string instrument. Kouyaté is also involved in the thriving Bamako hip-hop scene.

    All three Da Kali members were brought together as a griot ‘super-group’ by Dr Lucy Duran on behalf of the Aga Khan Music Initiative (AKMI), which has an admirable track-record of commissioning and producing a variety of projects involving traditional musicians.


  • Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra

    Posted On: June 6, 2017

    Montreal’s Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra is an explosion of music and dance, circus and imagination. The band is a creative chaos that fuses Afro-Colombian percussion with the brass and violin melodies of the Roma peoples of Eastern Europe. Created In 2012 by GIROVAGO productions, the band has already performed over 140 shows, including many festivals across Canada, Colombia, France, Austria, Chec Republic. GKO was voted Montréal’s best world music group in 2015 (CAMUZ survey), and earned a 2016  JUNO and ADISQ Nominations for their first album, Revuelta Danza Party. With an ever growing following, the group has arrived as one of Canada’s leading new big bands.

    DJ Kubanito will keep the party going with his mix of worldbeat and latin dance music.

    Co-presented with Julio Montero Productions: