VASHAAN & DAVOD AZAD: Persian Sufi Concert

Saturday Jan 23, 2016


Centennial Theatre

2300 Lonsdale Ave
North Vancouver, BC

In 2013, Caravan presented an evening of uplifting Sufi Music & Dance, featuring the Vashaan Ensemble, whirling dervishes, and guest Turkish musician Omar Faruk Tekbilek at the Chan Centre, a concert that was a highlight of the arts scene that year.  Caravan once again presents the Vashaan Ensemble in January 2016 for their CD Release of “Dowlate Eshgh – Realm of Love” for another evening of Sufi-inspired Iranian music. On this occasion they will be joined by internationally renowned Sufi singer Davod Azad, and the mesmerizing whirling dancers Raqib Burke and Lindsey Ridgway. Sure to be another highlight event of the year!

About Vashaan Ensemble (
Gathering together some of the finest classically trained Persian musicians in Canada, the Vashaan Ensemble draws upon Iran’s rich musical past to perform joyful and memorable Persian Traditional songs.  The Vashaan ensemble was formed in 2011 as a project to explore and present forms of Iranian music that have rarely been heard in North America. Their first collaboration, “Shadmaneh” brought lost melodies and unknown musical styles of Southeastern Iran to a wide range of listeners in an effort to demonstrate how rich and cheerful Iranian traditional music can be.

The ensemble has since formed into a professional yet, close-knit group of musicians that continue to explore the broad range of Traditional Persian Music styles and perform for a wide range of North American audiences.  Their latest recording “Dowlate Eshgh” is in honour of the great Persian Poet Rumi and will be released in January 2016.

About Davod Azad (
Davod Azad was born in Orumieh, Iran in 1963. He is a prominent master of Iranian music and a virtuoso on the Persian Tar, Setar, Tanbour, Oud, and Daf.  He began playing music at the age of 19 and began performing and teaching at 21. His first recording was released at age 25 years called “Maktabe Tar Tabriz,” which has since become a classic and a standard for Tar playing.

Davod is admired for integrating classical and modern spiritual elements in his music and singing. As an improviser, he brings a contemporary sensibility to a traditional musical art form. For the last 30 years Davod has performed in Sufi gatherings around the world and his compositions to the poems of Rumi are known for their spiritual and uplifting effect.

He has performed extensively over the last two decades throughout the world well as his native Iran. Davod is the first Iranian lecturer invited to Oxford University to lecture about Iranian music and its forms.  His “Divan of Rumi & Bach” album is a fine example of Iranian fusion with Western Classical Music. The music was performed at many international venues and received significant airtime in Europe.  His universal approach to music aims to spread a message of harmony and peace among nations and appeals ti people of all religions and backgrounds.