Get Involved


Caravan depends on the help of volunteers at most of our events, as well as in between our events, performing a variety of tasks. If you would like be part of our family, and help out as a volunteer, please send us a note to:

Artist Submissions

To be considered for future programming who feel they would match our programming vision and would like to be considered for future programming can get in touch with us with their concert or project proposals.

Caravan programs events year-round and will consider proposals at any time. There is no specific submission date.

Caravan also considers co-presenting collaborations with other organizations and promoters who share our vision.

Please send any artist or project proposals to:

Caravan receives a high number of submissions, so we cannot promise to get back to you, but we will do our best!

Feedback and Submission

The world of “world music & dance” is huge and deep. We are always interested to hear about new (or old) artists that you would love to see perform in the Vancouver area. Or if you have any feedback to give us about our events, we look forward to hearing from you. If we end up implementing your programming ideas or your suggestions to improve our ways, we will offer you two tickets to any future event. Please write us at: