Erez-Man-Houle World Trio

Friday Sep 11, 2015

Concert 8pm / Doors 7:30pm

VCC Music Auditorium

1155 East Broadway
Vancouver, BC
(Vancouver Community College)

A new collaboration featuring internationally renown musicians Itamar Erez (piano & guitar), Liron Man (handpan & percussion), Francois Houle (Clarinet).

Formed in Vancouver, this exciting new world music trio is more than the sum of the parts. Featuring internationally renowned musicians Itamar Erez (piano & guitar), Liron Man (handpan & percussion), Francois Houle (Clarinet), each of the musicians has a voice of his own, transcending geographical borders and combining diverse influences from World Music to Free Jazz and Classical music. Drawing from their eclectic range of experiences, they mesh together into a colourful tapestry of sound, sinuous melodies and entrancing rhythms, taking listeners around the world to places both distant in space and near to the heart. While constantly touring the globe with their own musical projects, these nomads are thrilled to seize the opportunity to join forces and share the fruit of their musings on one stage here in Vancouver!

Recipient of the 2014 ACUM prize and the 2014 Landau prize for special achievement in Jazz, Itamar Erez is an internationally renowned composer, guitarist and pianist, whose music has been commissioned and performed by various soloists, ensembles and orchestras throughout the world. Itamar was born in Israel, and recently returned to live in Vancouver after several years developing his life and career in Israel and Europe. In the last decade, his music has been rooted in world music, as well as contemporary jazz. Itamar has released two CDs with his quartet ‘The Adama Ensemble: “Desert Song” (2006) &”Hommage” (2010). Itamar has shared the stage with such artists as Avishai Cohen, Tomatito, Yasmin Levy, Lulo Reinhardt, and others. In 2007 Itamar joined the group of Turkish Sufi maestro Omar Faruk Tekbilek and tours regularly with his ensemble.

Clarinetist François Houle has established himself as one of today’s most inventive musicians, in all of the diverse musical spheres he embraces: classical, jazz, new music, improvised music, and world music. Whether he’s performing works by Mozart or Messiaen, appearing as a featured soloist with orchestra, or improvising with Persian and Middle-eastern based world music groups, François demystifies music for audiences everywhere. Inspired by collaborations with the world’s top musical innovators, François has developed a unique improvisational language, virtuosic and rich with sonic embellishment and technical extensions.

Israeli-born world traveller, Liron Man is one of most masterful performers and innovators on the handpan instrument (sometimes called the Hang, or Pantam). He has developed unique and highly developed techniques on the instrument, and has incorporated musical influences from traditions around the world. Liron is also an experienced flamenco guitarist, having lived and studied and performed in Spain for many years. He has impressed many audiences with his musical versatility, both as a soloist and as a musical collaborator.