Saturday May 26, 2018

Doors 7pm / Show 8pm – 1am

Wise Hall

1882 Adanac St.
Vancouver, BC

Caravan World Rhythms and Las Estrellas de Vancouver present a super duper Fiesta!! Join us at the WISE Hall on May 26th for an exciting concert featuring three very distinct groups playing the music of Mexico and Colombia… Mariachi, Son Jarocho, Huasteco, Vallenato and Cumbia. Get ready to dance to these vibrant groups and later dance the night away to the tropical selections of DJ Marc Fournier.

MEXICAN FOLK DANCE WORKSHOPS, JUNE 2nd: See Details at bottom of this section.

Son del Monton – from Guanajuato, Mexico. Visiting on a cultural exchange to share their tradition and to present their music to a completely new audience and make new musical connections. The four members come from diverse musical backgrounds – Son Jarocho, Huasteco, Jazz, Classical, reggae, rock, Son Cubano, Flamenco and more. They work with the Cultural Institute of Guanajuato to present and preserve the Mexican musical traditions in various municipalities in the state of Guanajuato and other parts of Mexico. The four are part of the original group that formed in 2004 and has gone through many transformations in its 15 years and has settled in this configuration to present the best of Son Jarocho and Huasteco in their own unique style and interpretation.

Mariachi Las Estrellas de Vancouver – Canada’s only all-female Mariachi band. Formed with the goal to explore in-depth the music of Mexico, one so rich and diverse in its musical traditions. Made up of a dedicated group from Classical, jazz and world music training, all involved with a variety of projects but come together out of their common love for Mariachi music. They recently participated in the first International Women’s Mariachi festival in Tlaxcala, Mexico, and have also hosted two Women’s Mariachi events here with guest historian and founder of the Women’s Mariachi Foundation in San Diego, California, Dr. Leonor Xochitl Perez. They also recently collaborated with the Allegra Chamber Orchestra as part of a concert to benefit the music therapy program for women at the WISH drop-in Centre. They look forward to many more future collaboration with other genres such as jazz, Balkan, reggae, and more.

Breaking Boundaries –high energy, danceable, super fun group directed by Colombian musician/accordionist, John Gonzalez. They hardly need an introduction as they are one of the busiest working groups in Vancouver with a solid following of dedicated fans. They deliver fresh interpretations of Colombian Vallenato and cumbia that will certainly get you on the dance floor!


JUNE 2, 11:15am – 12:45pm
RHYTHM ROOM, 8713 Cambie St, Vancouver

Join the members of Son del Montón in this unique Son Jarocho and Huasteco dance workshop. This will be a great addition to any dancer’s repertoire particularly those already involved in other styles of rhythmic dancing like Flamenco and tap dance.

The zapateado is a group of dance styles of Mexico, characterized by a lively rhythm punctuated by the striking of the dancer’s shoes, akin to tap dance. The name derives from the Spanish word zapato for “shoe”: zapatear means to strike with a shoe.

Cost: $25
Some dance experience is helpful but not necessary. Suitable for ages 16 and up.

About the instructors:

Ignacio Piñon (Guanajuato City, Guanajuato) – Began his dance training at the age of 7 and joined the Ballet Folklorico de la Universidad de Guanajuato at the age of 10. He went on to win many awards in several states in Mexico in National Folkloric dance competitions including at the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City. He is also a very skilled violist and jarana player in the styles of Son Jarocho and Huasteco. Apart from competitions, he has performed in many International Festivals throughout Mexico as a dancer and musician with the group Son del Montón and with trio Huasteco Guanaxteco.

Anatolij Tkatschinski (Minatitlán, Vera Cruz) – Born into the Son Jarocho tradition of the southern part of Vera Cruz, he began his study at the age of 12 with percussion, requinto and zapateado. With the group Son del Montón, he has participated in numerous presentations throughout Mexico and currently teaches weekly classes in Son Jarocho and zapateado. He is well known in Guanajuato for his clear and concise style of teaching and the students find themselves immediately participating in an authentic arrangement of the dance along with live music.

For more information, call Michelle at 604 440 2355