BALKAN ROOTS feat. Stefce Stojkovski

Saturday Nov 19, 2016

Show 8pm / Doors 7pm.

Wise Hall

1882 Adanac St.
Vancouver, BC

Join us for an evening with Vancouver’s best Balkan bands featuring renowned Macedonian folk music legend, Stefce Stojkovski, for his first visit to Canada. The evening will offer a wide cross section of traditional Balkan music, with a focus on Macedonia. Stefce will be playing some solo songs and also alongside each of the bands performing.

Stefce Stojkovski comes from a lineage of traditional Macedonian musicians, and at the age of 7 had already made a name for himself as a soloist on the kaval (traditional flute). At the age of 9, he made his first recording. Stefce is a virtuoso performer on all traditional instruments of the southern Balkans, including the zurla, the gajda (bagpipe), tarabuka drum, tapan drum, tambura (lute), kaval and other flutes. Stefce travels professionally to teach and perform, and has recorded 14 CDs of his traditional music. Added to this skill set, Stefce is a masterful singer and dancer, and orchestrates his own Ensemble of National Instruments and Songs.

Members of Grupa Dunbarov started playing music of the Balkans together over 20 years ago, having developed their interest in the music through folk dancing. Grupa Dunbarov plays music of Bulgaria, Macedonia, northern Greece, and a bit of Serbia and Romania, in both traditional and contemporary styles. Three of the original members, Erika, Iona, and Kate, are still active, and have brought on new musicians to collaborate with along the way. Their current line up includes: Erika Gerson – percussion and a bit of vocals, Iona Wishaw – vocals, Kate Gerson – clarinet, gaida, kaval, saxophone, Geoff Colpitts – accordion and trumpet, Remus Trif – guitar, Shireen Nabatian – vocals and violin.

Djeram is a Vancouver-based band formed in 2015, dedicated to fostering and promoting tamburitza music in Canada. Firmly rooted in the tamburitza tradition and culture, using authentic instrumentation and arrangements, Djeram covers a wide range of genres, from traditional folk music of south-western Balkans to classical masterpieces.

Zlatna Mountain is the vocal harmony between Vancouver singers Carmen Rosen (Zeellia, Elektra Choir), Shireen Nabatian (Grupa Dunbarov, Ginger and Moonshine), Heidi Ravenal (Carnival Band) and Kristina Zalite (Orkestar Slivovica). These four women combine their powerful voices in new arrangements of Macedonian and other Balkan folk melodies.

David Bilides initial encounters with Balkan folk music were the weddings and dances of the Asia Minor Greek community in which he grew up in New Haven, Connecticut. After hearing other Balkan music while attending international folk dancing in high school, he took the first of several trips to the Balkans in 1974, visiting Romania, Greece, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, and Turkey. He learned dances, made field recordings, and collected instruments. On returning to the United States he taught himself the music and instruments, formed groups, organized festivals and other music events, and performed and taught others music and dance. David plays and teaches music from the Balkans on a variety of traditional instruments in the US and abroad. David is a frequent guest performer with different groups and at traditional folk music and dance events across the country.

Stefce will be available for group or individual lessons in singing, kaval, gaida, zurna, and tambura. Please email Kristina Zalite at for more information or to book your lesson.