CHE MALAMBO! Direct from Argentina

Friday May 20, 2016

8pm Show / 7pm Doors

Vogue Theatre

918 Granville St.
Vancouver, BC

“Fourteen stomping, drumming, roaring men pounded rapid-fire rhythms into the ground with many surfaces of their feet — heels, toes, inside and especially outside edges — and with spinning boleadoras, floor-skimming stones attached to lassoes… a rousing group spectacle!” New York Times

For one night only, experience a thrilling, percussive dance and music spectacle from the gaucho tradition of Argentina. The fiery and athletic Argentine dance company Che Malambo excites audiences through precision footwork and rhythmic stomping, drumming of the bombos, regional folk music and singing, and the mesmerizing percussive whirling of boleadoras (lassos with stones on the end). Che Malambo celebrates the unique South American cowboy tradition of the gaucho in a magnificently choreographed entertainment and cultural experience, accessible to all ages! This powerhouse all-male company of 14 gauchos is directed by French choreographer and former ballet dancer, Gilles Brinas.

Renowned dancer and choreographer, Gilles Brinas performed with prestigious throughout Europe including Ballet de l’Opéra de Lyon and the Ballet of the Twentieth Century, founded by Maurice Béjart. In addition to founding the Ballet DEA in 1979, Brinas has choreographed works for Beinnale de la Danse. Amongst his many honours are awards from the Bagnolet competition and the Charles Oulmont Foundation.

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